The Association of Resilient and Solidarity-Based Laboratories, Territories and Enterprises (ALTERS) is an association bringing together public and private entities, dedicated to the systemic analysis of risks and undertaking action in favor of resilience and all-round security of territorial entities and businesses.

It is also a think tank, a network of territorial FabLabs, a hub of solutions aimed at supporting territories and companies with this integral and solidarity-based approach to security and resilience. It is meant to  promote French and international excellence in this domain.

history and founding DOCUMENTS

Following the Meeting for the All-Round Security of Regional Entities, held on May 29th, 30th and 31st, 2018 in Lyons, France, with the support of the Ministry of Environmental and Solidarity-Based Transition, which aimed to promorte action in favor of resilience and all-round security of territories and companies, the founders of the project met and worked on the founding texts of the organization which took the form of ALTERS, the Association of Resilient and Solidarity-Based Laboratories, Territories and Enterprises.

who we are

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ALTERS is an association that brings together, in an open environment, companies, urban and rural areas, academic institutions, specialized media, associations, networks of experts and institutions of all sizes, willing to take action in favor of resilience and all-round security which are necessary for the stability of our societies.

OUR world

The current world is characterized by increased complexity, the interdependence of all its stakeholders and the convergence of major global transitions (transitions in the domains of geostrategy and security, the digital world, the economy, the climate, the environment, healthcare and society). The boundaries between domains overlap. Risks of all types take a global, worldwide dimension. The entire world, in all domains, is revolutionized.

Survival and development in this great transformation calls for adapting all professions, all individual and collective behaviors, and all economic models. Only an integral, inclusive and resilient approach, involving all stakeholders, both public and private, territorial entities, citizens and businesses, mobilizing the most diverse disciplines, taking all risks into account in all of their dimensions, will allow to transform these risks into opportunities.

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think tank

Develop the approach of resilience and all-round security, from the scientific, academic and prospective points of view : this is necessary in our time, in the new extremely important strategic conditions.

Monitor and analyze risks of all kinds.


Convince and raise awareness of decision-makers and citizens, through fact and dialogue.


Promote French and international excellence in resilience and integral security.


Promote the development of pilot projects and values by bringing together, in an open framework, all stakeholders with the aim of achieving common resilience, by stimulating ground-braking technical, social and economic innovations.


Jointly construct  reliable territories by mobilizing stakeholders due to the force of a public-private environment, by creating a community of resilience and integral security.

Encourage economic models focused on resilience in order to strengthen the attractiveness and development of territorial entities well as the overall performance of businesses.


alters media

In order to implement its objectives and carry our its missions, ALTERS is launching a media paltform: ALTERS Media.


The essential and main purpose of the ALTERS media is not to present the point of view of the association. Its function, like any other media, is to inform, analyze and present in a free and independent way significant facts of our society, with regard to its general line that is summarized under the terms of overall security, and a global approach to risk and resilience in order to face the major transitions of today's world, which is the very purpose of the association. This open and independent dimension will be of interest to readers and increase association’s advocacy.

platform and Editorial INTENTions

Alters Media will be present on line and have a print edition. It will have two editorial intentions and two dimensions: of a press medium and of a social network

press MEDIUM


Its objective is to inform, to raise awareness regarding problems of an integral approach to risks, securirty and resilience, of a  public composed mainly of decision-makers of all types and professionals who support them in their decision-making.

third-party area


The digital platform will make it possible to publish very freely (in the form of posts moderated by ALTERS Media) contributions, blogs and articles proposed by partners and ALTERS associates (associations, organizations, individuals) working in the field of integral security.